Pavoni V1500 – Open

Vertical pantograph with three or more interpolated axis, especially indicated for the production of furnishings, such as kitchen or bathroom tops. In fact, the automatic cycle program for shaped cutting, grinding and polishing with tangential grindings, allows to process the edge of the slab all along its perimeter.

Capable of executing engraved and relieved writings in all Windows characters, as well as drillings, sculptures, cuttings, engravings, millings and inlays, this machine lends itself very well to the production of funeral works, household and gift items in general.

By importing the most common files, both 2D (.dwg .dxf .eps .wmf .ai etc…) and 3D (.stl .3ds .dxf etc…), users can reproduce drawings, writings, logos and stamps, all of which both relieved and engraved. It is also possible to create lots of 3D works, such as sculptures, shower basis, sinks, arcs and portals.

The main peculiarity of the Open Vertical line is the side opening that enables to process oversized pieces: the slab can come out sideways, both on the left and on the right, sliding through specific loops, lodged in the chassis of the machine.

In its basic configuration, the Open Vertical Line appears as an advanced work centre, making slab loading and unloading faster and easier, thanks to the Vertical position; completed with a range of optionals, it represents a High Productivity Line.

The machine is provided with stopholders for cutting rests as standard equipment.

Technical data