Brembana Maxima Stone.gif


Extremely versatile machining centre, designed to work (ultra-thick) slabs and blocks of stony materials and compound stone accurately and quickly. It can carry out any type of rough or polished edge contouring and surface machining, as well as any milling, drilling, countersinking, emptying, bas-relief and inscribing operations. It represents the state-of-the-art in terms of 5-axis machining and is the ideal machining centre for the marble cutter’s workshop.

  • Work table made of large-sized and pre-drilled Duralumin for perfect planarity, top machining quality and possibility of working several workpieces with one single positioning operation.
  • Monolithic base (MB) made of ultra-thick, electro-welded, normalized ribbed steelwork, to ensure sturdiness and rigidity during heavy duty operations and durability of the equipment.
  • The operating unit, secured on a bidirectional head with rotary axes, is equipped with an ISO 40 mount electrospindle. The two zero-backlash reduction gears are fastened on the B and C axes, do not need any maintenance and are extremely accurate

Last diamond disk up to 500 mm diameter for cutting and shaping operations; cup wheels for execution and polishing of customized convex shaped profiles.


Tech Specs