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5-6 INTERPOLATED-AXIS twin bed MACHINING CENTRE with open frame

MAXIMA TWIN OF is a Numerically Controlled Machining Center with five axis (X, Y, Z, C, B) suitable for the processing both slabs and blocks even with a substantial thickness in marble, granite, natural stone, composite stone. In its standard configuration it can perform any type of roughing, finishing and polishing contouring operations, as well as milling, drilling, countersinking, pocketing, bas-relief, lettering, sculpting, drainboards, engravings, cutting with a blade or beveling with variable angle 0-90°.

MAXIMA TWIN OF’s (open frame) design makes possible additional important features:

  • Tool holder rack positioned in the center in order to assist both work areas
  • Possibility to equip one work bench for cutting operations and the other one for CNC machining
  • Reduction of loading/unloading and suction cups positioning down time
  • Central protection separating the two work areas

Speed Twin Open Frame.png

Tech Specs

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