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5-axis CNC combination bridge saw / waterjet machine

Sprint Jet is a Numerically Controlled bridge saw with five axes (X, Y, Z, C, B) combinded with CMS/Brembana’s Tecnocut Waterjet system and is suitable for cutting slabs in marble, granite, natural stone and composite stone. In Sprint’s standard configuration it can perform any type of vertical and inclined cut, plus Sprint Jet includes all the advantages which a waterjet can bring as well.

CMS/Brembana’s 5-axis bridge saw can be equipped with an abrasive waterjet cutting head; by working in combination with the diamond disk, it makes possible automating natural and composite stone slab cutting operations when interfering cuts and internal angles must be coped with. Cms Brembana’s waterjet is available in both 3 axis & 5 axis with the main head, makes it possible to carry out variable and small radius cutting, which would be impossible to accomplish with the diamond disk. Also for cutting very fragile, small-sized, and 45° inclined materials, like low-thickness ceramics (Dekton), the 5-axis option is especially useful.

  • Cutting completion in internal angles

  • Shaped cutting of any type

  • 45° small-sized workpiece cutting without workpiece shifting (optional)

  • Cutting of any type of materials, also other than stone



Tech Specs

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