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The Company was founded in the year 1965 by Mr. Giorgio Pignotti, owner of OMP Officina Meccanica Pignotti Giorgio and initially dedicated to the manufacturing of tools for agricolture. Successively during the years 1970/1980 Mr. G. Pignotti specialized himself in projecting and producing of complete unit plants semi-automatic and automatic in the field of terrazzo tiles made with marble and granit chips, such as Mixing plants for first and second layer, planetary mixers, semi automatic press with two positions for standard and decorated tiles, filter presses with accessories for the depuration of dirties waters and sludge, Shot Sand Blasting machines. etc.

The Company expanded over the years and in the year 1981 onwards attended to the International Trade Fair in Milano.  As the production expanded and to give continuity to his work Mr. Giorgio Pignotti in year 2001 transformed his Company in: OMP Officina meccanica Pignotti srl, including the two sons Luigi and Simone and the daughter Lucia as reponsibles of the new Company.

Since the Company changed, the quality and organization level of OMP Officina meccanica Pignotti srl, has been considerably raised up: new Staff joint the production department, commercial consultant and executive secretary increased the sales for foreign countries with the final purpose to install equipments all over the world to withness the guarantee and quality of services offered.

Also Compamy OMP started partecipating recently to the International Marble Fairs of Carrara and Verona, as well as some imoportant Fair events abroad such as Bauma in Munich and The Big 5 in Dubai /U.A.E. helped to promote their image and products.

The experience of the partners in this field and their continuous presence in the interior of the Company, is the best assurance to get always assistance to clarify technical and commercial problems.


Filter Presses from O.M.P.


Filter Press FP 1000

Filter Press FP 800

Filter Press FP 630

Filter Press FP 500